State of Alaska’s Legal Structure

The story begins in the 1970’s, salmon runs were reaching record breaking low numbers and as a result, Prince William seining had failed to open. Under the leadership of Governor Egan and Governor Hammond, the State of Alaska created F.R.E.D., the Division of Fisheries Rehabilitation, Enhancement and Development in 1971. The goals of F.R.E.D were based around the idea of developing a plan for the State for continual and manageable rehabilitation of the salmon stocks. They also wanted to encourage private enterprises to invest in the technological development and economic utilization of the State’s fisheries resource.

The Private Non-Profit Hatchery Act was passed in 1974 authorizing for private sector associations of fishermen to build and operate hatcheries. As a result, 5 Regional Aquaculture Associations created hatcheries in Southeast, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet and Kodiak. Together, these hatcheries produce Pink, Coho, Sockeye and Chinook salmon and enhance Alaska’s recreation, commercial and sport fisheries greatly.

Valdez Fisheries Development Association was created from these initiatives. Although Valdez Fisheries Development Association is non-regional, it achieves the same goals of local Regional Aquaculture Associations.

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