Cold Storage Facility

VFDA recognized a need for local cold storage to promote the development of fish products and renewable fisheries resources, and to compliment the Fisheries Business Incubator Program. In partnership with the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Association (EDA), the VFDA Regional Cold Storage Facility was built and completed in June of 2012.

This modern facility provides needed cold storage to the Prince William Sound Economic Development Region, and promotes local economic development for local seafood processors, fishermen and other businesses in Valdez and the surrounding areas.

The facility has a holding capacity of greater than 11,000 cubic feet. It is temperature controlled at –10 degrees and is monitored 24/7. The facility also has commercial ice, as well as blast freezing capabilities upon request. Please call ahead for details.

Cold Storage Contact:
Physical Address: 1815 Mineral Creek Loop Rd. Valdez, AK 99686
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 125 Valdez, Alaska 99686

Phone 907.835.4874
Fax 907.835.4831


Effective January 1, 2023


(All rates based on gross CWT weights)

Seafood Totes
$ 1.89
$ 3.27
Seafood / Protein Bxs
$ 2.19
$ 3.32
Frozen Grocery
$ 2.93
$ 3.56
General Bulk
$ 3.25
$ 5.07

Minimum handling charge: $25.00.
Minimum monthly storage charge: $75.00.

Short Hold
Product on Short Hold will be billed at the applicable handling rate plus $.39 CWT gross weight per day for a maximum stay of 3 business days. Product that stays beyond 3 days will be subject to monthly storage rates, effective from initial receiving date. Minimum Charge of $75.00, extra charges apply if palletizing is required. Short Hold Notification must be given in advance by storer. Charges begin the day product arrives.

Advance Notice Requirements:
For all shipments, transfers and inspections, we require 24 hours advance notice.
A $75.00 charge may apply for same day orders, inspections and transfers.

Miscellaneous Charges:
All handling man & machine: $60/hour – $90/OT hour.
Minimum charge: $40/half-hour.
Sort, segregate, palletize, order picking: $.80/case.
No temperature reduction available.

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