Habitat Enhancement

Habitat Enhancement

VFDA has worked for years to enhance and maintain salmon habitat in the Valdez area. Robe Lake is an important part of the Valdez ecosystem. It is home to a small resident stock of sockeye salmon. The lake also has a stock of coho salmon, which served as the original brood stock for the coho enhancement program at the Solomon Gulch hatchery.

Many years ago, the ecology of the Robe Lake changed. Due to a lack of silts and other materials necessary to keep vegetation under control, this shallow lake has gradually begun to fill in with weeds and grasses.

Each summer, VFDA launches its orange aquatic harvester to remove vegetation from the mouth of Robe River and open spawning beds around the lake. This ensures that the returning salmon have access to the gravel beds necessary to spawn.

Many residents of the Valdez community also use the lake for recreation, and it serves as a float plane landing and moorage area.

Funding for this project is provided through an annual program grant from the City of Valdez.

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