Join us in celebrating VFDA’s 40 years of production at the Solomon Gulch Hatchery to provide sustainable salmon harvests for south-central Alaskans!

Incorporated in 1980, the Valdez Fisheries Development Association, Inc. (VFDA) is a living legacy of successful and responsible fisheries enhancement. VFDA’s local innovation and sustainable practices have increased Alaska’s most precious resource for generations of fishing families and harvesters alike, as well as provided economic stability for the communities of Valdez and the Prince William Sound region. VFDA invites you to celebrate four decades of successful operations this summer, and thanks you for your support. Without it, this huge milestone would never have been possible.

Stay tuned for new and exciting content in the coming months. We hope you enjoy the stories and commemorations of resilience, thanks, and history that we’ll be sharing as we celebrate 40 years, together.

Good fishing!

-The Team at VFDA

















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